The Shadow of a Saint

Long time ago, there lived a man. His sanctity was so great that even the angels were surprised and deliberately descended from Heaven to see how this man, while still living on earth, was like God.
The holy angels said to God: “O Lord, grant this holy person the gift of miracles.”
– “I agree,” the Lord replied. “Ask him what he would like.”
And so the holy angels asked the man: “Would you like to receive the gift of healing people with your hands?”
– “No,” replied the man “Better to let the Lord Himself do that.”
– “Perhaps you want the gift of words to compel sinners to repentance?”
– “No, that is the work of the angels, but not for an unworthy person such as myself. I pray for the conversion of sinners, but not to convert.”
– “Maybe you want to attract others with your virtues and therefore glorify God?”
– “No attracting. I will distract people from God.”
– “What then do you want?” the holy angels asked the man.
– “What do I still want? That the Lord not deprive me of His mercies. And with this I have everything I need.”
But the angels kept insisting.
– “Well”, answered the saint “I want to do good and not know about it.”
The angels hesitated at first but then decided that the shadow of this holy man, which he could not see, will heal the sick, alleviate the grief and sorrow on earth. And so it happened that wherever the shadow of the saint appeared, trodden roads were covered with grass, water returned to dried up streams, flowers blossomed and human tears dried up. The saint walked the earth spreading goodness all around him without realizing it.