The Monk And The Olive Tree

The Monk And The Olive Tree

“One monk planted an olive tree and began to pray: “Lord, send down some rain for my tree.” And the Lord sent down rain.

The tree was saturated and needed to dry. The monk prayed: “And now Lord, I ask you to send a lot of sun for my tree.” And the Lord sent the warmest sunrays. The tree grew.
The monk continued to pray: “Lord, send me a small frost to strengthen the roots and branches.” The Lord sent the frost and the tree died. The monk was very upset.

He went to another monk to tell the story and to share his grief. “I also have an olive tree, see.” said the other monk. His tree grew well. “But I prayed in a different way. I have told God that He is the Creator of this tree and knows best what is necessary for it. I just asked God to take care of it and He does.

This also applies to us. We often ask what we think we need. But God only knows what we need. Trust Him completely!”