St Porphyrios: Spiritual Sensitivity

“Certain people often become overwhelmingly distressed about the state of the world. They are vexed when they see that the will of God is not done today by others and by themselves and they suffer with the physical and psychological pain of others.

This sensitivity is a gift of God. We find it more frequently among women. Souls with this sensitivity are especially receptive to the will of God. These sensitive souls have the ability to advance greatly in the life in Christ, because they love God and do not wish to cause Him vexation.

They do, however, run a danger. If they do not entrust their life fully to Christ, it is possible for the evil spirit to exploit their sensitivity and to lead them to depression and despair.

Sensitivity cannot be corrected. It can only be transformed, altered and transfigured so as to become love, joy and worship. How? By turning upwards. By turning every sorrow into knowledge of Christ, love of Christ and worship of Christ.

And Christ, who constantly waits with eagerness to help us, will give you His grace and His strength to transform sorrow into joy, into love for our fellows and worship of Him. Thus darkness will flee. Remember St Paul. What did he say? “Now I rejoice in my sufferings.”

– St Porphyrios

(Wounded by Love: the Life and Wisdom of Elder Porphyrios, pp 145).