St Porphyrios: Prayer Works Wonders!

A girl who loved someone and did not know if he wanted her, said to Elder Porphyrios: “Father, I want to marry him”. And he said: “You’ll pray and I’ll pray this hour. We will both pray for him. And if it is the will of God, He will illuminate him. ”

And both her and Elder Porphyrios prayed a lot. And this man, during the prayer, felt something in his heart. He felt a warmth, a wave of love, a joy, something, something… So he went to Elder Porphyrios (because he knew him) and said: “Father, something is going on these days. On such and such a time every day, something happens and I feel something in my heart.”

So the Elder replied: “What do you feel?”

– A numbness, a heat, a sweetness. Something happens. And I wanted to tell you something else, Father. Now that I came here I came to confess, I saw a girl sitting. Is this girl married Father? She made a very good impression on me.

– “We’ll see”, Elder Porphyrios replied. “You will get to know her and you’ll see”.

And finally, as you can understand, they got married. How did they managed this? She didn’t talk to him, she didn’t use her logic nor her intelligence… Well she used intelligence, but a spiritual type of intelligence. She didn’t initiate like a human. She didn’t initiate by the secular mastery, but through prayer. Practical things eh? A nice family started, with the girl’s and the Elder Porphyrios’ prayer.

Prayer indeed works wonders!


Prayer Works Wonders