St Augustine: Comprehending God

Augustine was troubled for a very long time wanting to understand completely and entirely God and the meaning of the Godhead, that is, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit as the trinity, yet one…

As Augustine walked along, one day, he saw a small boy on the beach, pouring seawater with a shell into a small hole in the sand.

“What are you doing, my child?” asked Augustine.

“I am trying to empty the sea into this hole,” the boy answered with an innocent smile.

“But that is impossible, my dear child,” said Augustine.

The boy stood up, looked straight into the eyes of Augustine and replied,

“What you are trying to do – trying to comprehend the immensity of the Holy Trinity with your small head – is even more impossible.”

Then he vanished.

It was an angel sent by God to teach St. Augustine a lesson.

St Augustine - Comprehending God