My Lord, What Do you Want from Me?

Once someone went to Christ and said, “My Lord, do you want me to bring you a beeswax candle as tall as I am?”

And Christ answered, “The honeycomb that the wax is made from belongs to Me”.

“Well then, I will bring you a prosforo for Sunday’s Liturgy”

Christ responded, “And the wheat used to bake the prosforo is mine also”.

“Then I will give you a 10,000-drachma bill for the Philoptochos fund (Friends of the Poor)”

Christ continued, “All these things which you have are Mine”. ‘The earth is the Lord’s and its fullness (Psalm 24:1)’.

“Then what do you want me to bring, My Christ?”

“My son, give me your heart (Proverbs 23:26). Give me your sins. This is what I want, for this I thirst, for this I went on the Cross”

Source: Tears of Repentance, true experiences in a Greek Taxi Cab; Athanasios Katigas

My Lord, What Do you Want from Me?