St Nektarios of Aegina: Seek Love Daily

“Seek love. Ask God every day for love. Together with love come all the other benefits and virtues. Love, so that you’ll be loved by others. Give your whole heart to God, so that you’ll dwell in love.” – St Nektarios of Aegina

St Paisios: Try to Correct Yourself

“If you want to help the Church, it is better to try to correct yourself, rather than be looking to correct others. If you manage to correct yourself, one small part of the Church is immediately corrected. Naturally, if everyone did the same, the body of the Church would be in good health. But, today,…

Mother Gavrilia: Greatest Prayer for Others

…the greatest prayer you can make for someone is to be able to say to the Lord truthfully, “I love this person. Thy will be done in his or her life…” – Mother Gavrilia

Elder Arsenie Boca: Love our Enemies

“When the Saviour commands us to love our enemies, He does not do it to bring you to your knees before evil, but to set you free from it and to protect you” – Elder Arsenie Boca

St Paisios: The Church is Suffering

“The Church is suffering today because Divine illumination is missing and people understand things as it suits them. The human element gets involved; passions are aroused, and then, the devil comes and thrashes about. That is why people who are governed by their passions should not seek to govern others.” – St Paisios of Mount…

St Augustine: Pray & Work

“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you” – St Augustine of Hippo

St Luke the Surgeon: Stand Firm in Faith

“May the sweetest Jesus be always in your thoughts, may He be a harbor to which you return again and again…Furthermore, do not cease to call upon the Panagia to help whenever you have need, and more. Continue your path with courage, with much courage. Let your heart rejoice in the Lord, and He will…