St John Chrysostom: Laughter

“Laughter has been implanted in our soul, that the soul may sometime be refreshed.” – St John Chrysostom

St Joseph the Hesychast: Jesus Prayer

“Keep saying the prayer! Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me! Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me! This is what will save you. The name of Christ will illumine your mind (nous); it will strengthen your soul; it will help you in the war against the demons; it will cultivate the virtues; and it…

St Nektarios of Aegina: Salvation

“Two factors are involved in man’s salvation: the grace of God and the will of man. Both must work together, if salvation is to be attained.” – St. Nektarios of Aegina

St Joseph the Hesychast: Hope of Salvation

“The only hope of salvation from the delusions and the heresies, the innovations and the traps of wicked people and of the devil is prayer, repentance and humility.” – St Joseph the Hesychast