St Porphyrios: Nature

“All things around us are droplets of the love of God. The beauties of nature are the little loves that lead us to the great Love that is Christ. Take delight in all things that surround us. All things teach us and lead us to God. All things around us are droplets of the love…

St Porphyrios: The Power of Prayer

“The power of prayer is great, very great, especially when done by many together. All are united in common prayer. We feel that our neighbour is as our self. This is our life, our exaltation and our treasure. All things are easy in Christ. Christ is the centre, all move towards the centre and are…

St Porphyrios: Worship of Christ

“The great medicine is for you to devote yourself to worship of Christ. Everything is healed. Everything functions normally. The love of God transforms everything; it sanctifies, amends and changes the nature of everything” – St Porphyrios

St John of Kronstadt: Spiritual Growth

“When you walk in a forest, garden, or meadow, and see the young shoots of the plants, the fruits on the trees, and the variety of the flowers of the field, learn a lesson from God’s plants–namely, the lesson that every tree each summer unfailingly puts forth at least one shoot of considerable size, and…

St Paisios: Praying For The Sick

“If we don’t pray for the sick, then the sickness will develop naturally. But if we pray for them, it can change it’s natural course. Therefore, always pray for the sick.” – St. Paisios the Athonite