St Nikon: Pray like a Child

“Pray like a child, in simplicity of heart, concerning all your needs and sorrows, and entrust yourself to God’s will, for the Lord arranges our salvation” – St Nikon

Father Seraphim Rose: Strength in Christ

“So that we will not forget Him and His eternal Kingdom, God mercifully sends us troubles, distress, sorrows, persecution; these are to awaken us who sleep and show us where our true home is. Let us remember the example of the Holy Apostles, and especially the burning fervor and faith which sustained them in all…

St John Maximovich: The Sunflower

“We have often noticed that the sunflower is a kind of wonder of nature. It constantly moves to face the sun, turning during the course of the day from the east to the west. At night, because of its exclusive love for the sun, it gathers together its petals and closes”. O Christian! Remember this…

St Augustine: Empty Yourself

“If a vessel is to be filled, it must first be empty. So cast all evil away from you, that you may be filled to the brim.” – St. Augustine

St Joseph the Hesychast: All For Our Benefit

“The All-good God, my good child, does not do anything that is not for the benefit of our soul. Whether it be an illness or a temptation, whatever He lets happen to us, He does for our benefit. Many times we grumble, become indignant, and do many bad things. Whereas He, out of His great…