Father Seraphim Rose: Psychological Trials

“The psychological trials of dwellers in the last times will be equal to the physical trials of the martyrs. In order to face these trials, we must be living in a different world.” – Father Seraphim Rose

St Porphyrios: Christ Will Free You

“Does a phobia or disappointment get a hold of you? Turn to Christ. Love him in simplicity, with humility, without demands and He will free you.” – St Porphyrios

Father Seraphim Rose: Christian Life

“Only struggle a little more. Carry your cross without complaining. Don’t think you are anything special. Don’t justify your sins and weaknesses, but see yourself as you really are. And, especially, love one another” – Father Seraphim Rose

St Paisios: Thoughts

“Thoughts are like airplanes flying in the air. If you ignore them, there is no problem. If you pay attention to them, you create an airport inside your head and permit them to land!” – St. Paisios  

St Paisios: Humbly Asking God

“Do you ask for help from Jesus Christ or are you struggling alone? Have you told Christ of your weakness? You don’t humble yourself, you don’t ask Christ for help and then you say, ‘I have difficulties in my struggle.’ When one is humble and asks for help from Christ, He helps. Often man makes…

Metropolitan Anthony Bloom: Holy Week

“During the coming days we shall be present – not just remember, but be present – at Christ’s Passion. We shall be part of the crowd surrounding Christ and the disciples and the Mother of God; as we hear the Gospel readings, as we listen to the prayers of the Church, as one image after…

St Nil of Sora: Learn The Scriptures

“Learn something from the Scriptures by heart, and keep your mind focused on it. These things impede the demons from making assaults against us” – St Nil of Sora