Fr Arsenie Boca: God’s Love

“God’s love for the biggest sinner is greater than the love of the holiest man for God” – Father Arsenie Boca

St John Chrysostom: Shining True Faith!

“There would be no need for sermons, if our lives were shining. There would be no need for words, if we bore witness with our deeds. There would be no pagans, if we were true Christians.” – St. John Chrysostom

St. John Maximovitch: Humility

“The power of God is effective when a person asks for the help from God, acknowledging his own weakness and sinfulness. This is why humility and striving towards God are the fundamental virtues of a Christian” – St. John Maximovitch

St Isaac the Syrian: Tribulations and Humility

“God permits tribulations and adversities to befall people – even the saintly – so that they may persist in humility. But if we harden our hearts against adversities and tribulations, he also hardens these tribulations against us. On the other hand if we accept them in humility and with a contrite heart, God will mingle…