Metropolitan Anthony Bloom: Open Yourself to Love

“We are told in today’s Gospel, “Turn away from yourself, take up your Cross, Follow Me” (Mark 8: 34) — we are not called to something dark and frightening; we are told by God: “Open yourself to love…Open yourself up! Look — there is so much to love, there are so many to love! There…

Metropolitan Anthony Bloom: Humility

“The word ‘humility’ comes from the Latin word ‘humus’ which means fertile ground… Humility is the situation of the earth. The earth is always there, always taken for granted, never remembered, always trodden on by everyone, somewhere we cast and pour out all the refuse, all we don’t need. It’s there, silent and accepting everything…

St Basil The Great: Bear With Patience

“And so let us be glad and bear with patience everything the world throws at us, secure in the knowledge that it is then that we are most in the mind of God.” – St. Basil the Great

St Seraphim of Sarov: Joy in Heaven!

“Oh, if you only knew what joy, what sweetness awaits a righteous soul in Heaven! You would decide in this mortal life to bear any sorrows, persecutions and slander with gratitude. If this very cell of ours was filled with worms, and these worms were to eat our flesh for our entire life on earth,…

St Paisios: Humble Prayer

“If you want to tune in to God so He listens to you when you pray, turn the knob to humility, for on this frequency God always operates, and humbly ask for his mercy.” – St Paisios