Father Alexander Schmemann: Love Casts Out Fear

” ‘Perfect love casts out fear.’ (1 John 4:18). Love is contrasted not with hate, but with fear. How deep and true it is… Fear is, first and foremost, the absence of love, or rather that which, like weeds, grows where there is no love.” – Fr. Alexander Schmemann  

St John Chrysostom: Power Of Love

“But first I want you to tell me this: do you know the power of love? Christ passed over all the marvellous works which were to be performed by the apostles and said, “By this shall men know that ye are my disciples, if ye love one another” – St John Chrysostom

St. John of Kronstadt: We draw near to God in Affliction

“Sometimes in his heart a man draw nears to God, sometimes he goes far from God, and therefore he experiences either peace and joy, or fear, disturbance, and oppression. The one is life and light, the other spiritual darkness and death. We draw near to God mostly in time of affliction, from which no one…

Mother Maria of Normanby: Perfect Love in Christ

“Because Christ is the perfect Love, his life on earth can never become a life of the past. He remains present to all eternity. Then he was alone, and bore the sins of all men as one whole, alone. But, in death, he took us all into his work. Therefore the Gospel is now present…

Saint John Chrysostom: Not Force But Persuasion

“For Christians above all men are forbidden to correct the stumblings of sinners by force. When secular judges convict wrong-doers under the law, they show that their authority is complete and compel men, whether they will or not, to submit to their methods. But in the case we are considering it is necessary to make…

Father Seraphim Rose: Learn in Suffering

“Why do men learn through pain and suffering, and not through pleasure and happiness? Very simply, because pleasure and happiness accustom one to satisfaction with the things given in this world, whereas pain and suffering drive one to seek a more profound happiness beyond the limitations of this world. I am at this moment in…

St. John of Kronstadt: Conquer Every Evil By Good.

“Be then indulgent, patient, and loving to those who live with you, and who also suffer from many passions; conquer every evil by good, and, above all, pray to God for them, that He may correct them—that He may turn their hearts to Himself, the source of holiness.” – St. John of Kronstadt

St Maximus the Confessor: Love

“Love is that good disposition of the soul in which it prefers nothing that exists to the knowledge of God.” – St Maximus the Confessor

St. Maria of Paris: Way To God Lies Through Love Of People

“The way to God lies through love of people. At the Last Judgment I shall not be asked whether I was successful in my ascetic exercises, nor how many bows and prostrations I made. Instead I shall be asked, Did I feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and the prisoners. That is…

St. Isidore of Seville: Pray and Read The Bible

“Anyone who wants to be always united to God must pray often and read the Bible often. For in prayer it is we who are speaking to God, but in the readings it is God speaking to us.” – St. Isidore of Seville