St Maximus the Confessor: Humility

“Humility consists in constant prayer combined with tears and suffering. For this ceaseless calling upon God for help prevents us from foolishly growing confident in our own strength and wisdom, and from putting ourselves above others. These are dangerous diseases of the passion of pride” – St Maximos the Confessor, 400 Chapters on Love

Father Alexander Schmemann: Christian Love

“Christian love is the ‘possible impossibility’ to see Christ in another man, whoever he is, and whom God, in His eternal and mysterious plan, has decided to introduce into my life, be it only for a few moments, not as an occasion for a ‘good deed’ or an exercise in philanthropy,  but as the beginning…

St. John of Kronstadt: The Lord Is In Every Christian

“Remember that the Lord is in every Christian. When your neighbour comes to you, always have great respect for him, because the Lord is in him, and often expresses His will through him. “It is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure” (Phil. 2:13). Therefore, do not…

St Dorotheos of Gaza: God’s Will

“In the measure that we pay attention and take care to carry out what we hear, God will always enlighten us and make us understand His will” – St Dorotheos of Gaza.

St Nilus of Sinai: Praying

“St. Paul teaches us to continue “instant in prayer” [Romans 12:12], grounding ourselves in it by long perseverance [Collossians 4:2, Ephesians 6:18]. He also commands us to “pray everywhere” [1 Timothy 2:8] so that no idle one can excuse himself because he lives far from the house of prayer. Any place is suitable for prayer….

St Porphyrios: Christ’s Love

“When a bad or gloomy thought, fear or temptation threatens to afflict you, don’t fight it to try and get rid of it. Open your arms to Christ’s love and he will embrace you, then it will vanish by itself.”  – Saint Porphyrios

St Basil the Great: Greatness of God

“It is easier to measure the entire sea with a tiny cup than to grasp the ineffable greatness of God with the human mind” – Saint Basil the Great

St John of Kronstadt: Our Prayers

“Remember that not a single word is lost during prayer, if you say it from your heart; God hears each word, and weighs it in a balance. Sometimes it seems to us that our words only strike the air in vain, and sound as the voice of one crying in the wilderness. No, no; it…