St Porphyrios: Nature & God’s Grace

“All these things connected with nature help us greatly in our spiritual life when they are conjoined with the grace of God. When I sense the harmony of nature, I am brought to tears. Why should we be bored with life? Let us live life with the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth. The…

St Seraphim of Sarov: Heart Filled With Love

“The Lord seeks a heart filled to overflowing with love for God and our neighbour; this is the throne on which He loves to sit and on which He appears in the fullness of His heavenly glory. ‘Son, give Me thy heart,’ He says, ‘and all the rest I Myself will add to thee (Prov….

St Paisios: Grace of God

“The basic thing is for man to take care not to lose the Grace of God, so as to have divine enlightenment. For everything is in vain if there is no divine enlightenment.” – St Paisios of Mount Athos

St John Chrysostom: Laughter

“Laughter has been implanted in our soul, that the soul may sometime be refreshed.” – St John Chrysostom

St Joseph the Hesychast: Jesus Prayer

“Keep saying the prayer! Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me! Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me! This is what will save you. The name of Christ will illumine your mind (nous); it will strengthen your soul; it will help you in the war against the demons; it will cultivate the virtues; and it…

St Nektarios of Aegina: Salvation

“Two factors are involved in man’s salvation: the grace of God and the will of man. Both must work together, if salvation is to be attained.” – St. Nektarios of Aegina

St Joseph the Hesychast: Hope of Salvation

“The only hope of salvation from the delusions and the heresies, the innovations and the traps of wicked people and of the devil is prayer, repentance and humility.” – St Joseph the Hesychast

St Macarius the Great: Hidden in Sorrows & Sufferings

“You should know that, hidden away in sorrows and sufferings, in patience and faith are God’s promises, as also are His glory and the acquisition of the heavenly blessings. Because even the wheat that’s sown in the earth first has to rot and seemingly decay before we can enjoy its beauty and the multiplication of…

Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica: The Lord Permits Disappointments

“The Lord permits many disappointments, sorrows, and misfortunes to befall us in this earthly life in order that we might stop placing our trust in the world, which harms us so much, and that we might realize that He alone is the Source of all comfort, peace, and stillness.”– Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

St John Climacus: The Christian

“The Christian is one who imitates Christ in thought, word and deed, as far as is possible for human beings, believing rightly and blamelessly in the Holy Trinity.” – St John Climacus